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I already paid but I can’t access my Pro account. What should I do?

Having trouble accessing your Pro account even after making the payment? Don't worry! We've got you covered. Below are some steps to help you resolve this issue quickly.

I purchased Pro on the WEBSITE

Make sure you are logged in on the right account.
Make sure you are not on our free preview page.
Pro users can access their perks on this page here

If you purchased Pro on the website and want to use it on the mobile app, ignore the onboarding screen that asks for payment.

Go to Settings
Tap on Link Web Account
Enter your info

I purchased pro on the APP

Do not delete and reinstall the app. Sometimes, simply restarting the app will resolve the issue.

If restarting doesn't work:
Navigate to the Plans screen in Settings.
Click "Restore Purchase" in the bottom right corner.

Your paid perks should be reinstated!

If the issue persists:
Contact us via chat.
Provide your User ID.
Specify the platform where you purchased the app (web, iOS, Android), and mention if you've already tried the steps above.

If you purchase through the app, pro features are exclusive to the app and cannot be accessed on the web.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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